Alight Motion Apk

Surely some of you do not know this application. Alight Motion Pro is an application that can only be used on Android and is used to edit videos. There are lots of abilities that this application can do.

You can do motion editing, add animation, to edit colors. Such capabilities are usually only obtained from popular video editing applications on PC. While on smartphones it is very limited.

About Alight Motion

There are so many features that you can use from this application. The most important thing, this application is small in size compared to its capabilities. The file size of Alight Motion is only 14 MB. Will not take up much space in memory.

Alight Motion Feature

There are 3 main features that Alight Motion has. If you use Alight Motion Pro, then you can use all these features and all other benefits. Here are the features;

  1. Visual Effects

The first feature that you can use is a visual effect. This feature allows you to give several effects to the video that you are making. With this feature, you don’t need to create effects manually.

Just use the template or plugins that have been provided and your video has changed.

If you use the mod version, all visual effects can be used. Meanwhile, if you use the original version, only a few you can use. While others are locked.

  1. Vector Graphic

The next feature allows you to draw onto an image that has a vector format. Not many applications can open vector format and then give the opportunity to edit it.

But Alight Motion Pro allows you to import vector-type files and edit them at will.

  1. Color Adjustment

It might be easy to give the overall color effect to the video. But what if the color effect needed is only in a few parts of the video? Can? Of course you can if you use this APK.

Color Adjustment allows you to change or apply color effects to any part of the video. So the color will be different from the rest of the video. The result is your video looks more elegant.

As mentioned above, in this Mod version there are many color adjustments added. So there are more choices.