Aplikasi Video Bokeh

There are lots of bokeh photo applications. Bokeh is a condition where one object is in focus while others are blurring. This effect is a favorite of many people because it looks cooler. That is a photo. Then is there a bokeh video application?

Of course there must be too, there are lots of bokeh video applications, here is a more complete discussion!

Video Bokeh Application Review

As you know, there are so many video applications that can make bokeh. On the internet, maybe you can find more than 100 applications that can make your videos bokeh.

Starting from Blur Video, DSLR, Inshot, and many other application names. An application that is capable of making bokeh videos is actually a video editing application.

It’s just that one of the features this application has is the ability to create a bokeh effect on your video.

Usually you will find other features besides bokeh in the application. It can help you to edit the video to be cooler.

Even if you only want the bokeh video, you can edit the bokeh then export and edit the video in another application.

Half of the applications mentioned below later, some are in the form of mods or APKs where you get the full version of the application so that there are no ads and all features can be used.

Types of Bokeh Video Applications

  1. Blur Video

The first application is called Blur Video. This application can edit videos in MP4, WMV, or 3GP formats. There are several excellent features of this application. Among others;

  • Free Style Blur. Of course the first is the blur feature. In this application you can set where the blur is. Is it left, right, top, or bottom one. You just have to touch the part you want.
  • Fun Blur. You can choose various kinds of blur shapes. It can be on the outside of the main object or on the inside. The method is easy, just press and move your finger.
  • No Crop IG. This feature allows you to create a blur effect in certain areas so that your video is oriented squarely.
  1. After Focus

This Video Bokeh application also helps you to create a bokeh effect behind objects. Some of the advantages of this application are;

  • Fast. To select a focus area can be done much faster. You just have to mark which part you want to make bokeh. It will automatically become bokeh.
  • More Realistic. If you pay close attention, After Focus has a much more realistic result.
  • DSLR-like. This is what you are looking for, right? Bokeh effect similar to a pro camera? By using After focus you can get that.
  1. DSLR Camera Blur

This is the easiest and fastest bokeh application to use. Besides that, the results of the bokeh effect also look very professional. Some of the features of DSLR Camera Blur are:

  • Blur type. There are two types of blur in this application. The first is a circular blur and the second is a straight line blur. You can choose whichever one.
  • Touch Features. This feature allows you to blur and focus with just the touch of a finger.