Avee Player Apk

You want to play a song, but it’s not in the music listening app? Or do you want to play a song, without using an internet connection and only want to play that 1 song? In this application such things cannot be done.

But there is a solution to that problem. The trick is to use a regular music player application, not a direct one. One of the best music player apps that you can use on Android is Avee Player Pro. What is that?

Avee Player Pro review

Some of you may not know this one application. Avee Player Pro is a music player application that can only be used on Android only. Since the release of Spotify and Joox or other music apps, there are hardly any good music player apps.

Avee Player comes as a video player application with many advantages. It is undeniable that now, on several occasions you will definitely need an mp3 player. Solely because the song you want isn’t in the app.

With the Avee Player, you can play any song you want. Apart from that there are many interesting features of this application. For example, a visual modifier, equalizer, and many other features.

You can also browse music in folders in the file manager directly from this application. These advantages make this application a favorite of many people. But this application has flaws.

Features Avee Player Has

  1. Can Open Files Directly From Folder

The first feature that Avee Player Pro can do is open the music files you want directly from the folder. Sometimes you must have gotten music files stored in folders.

If you only want to see the file, you can directly play the file from the folder directly. So it’s more efficient.

  1. Can Export to HD Video

This feature is not shared by many similar applications. By using this one feature, you can export songs with certain audio visuals into video with a maximum resolution of up to HD.

  1. Can Read Many Types of File Formats

The format of the song is not just mp3, but there are many others. Like for example OGG, FLV, and so on. Usually requires more than 1 application to play songs with a certain format.