Bussid APK

Of course, you are already familiar with bus simulator themed games. If in the past such games could only be played using a laptop or PC, now you can play them on an Android phone. Well, one of the recommendations for the bus simulator game is Bussid.

Bussid or which stands for Bus Simulator Indonesia, is a game with the theme of Indonesian bus simulators. So you can use many Indonesian buses in this game. In fact, there is also a Bussid Mod which makes the game feel more exciting.

Bussid Mod Review

As the name implies, Bus simulator Indonesia is a game that can make you feel what it’s like to be a bus driver in Indonesia.

For game lovers, especially in Indonesia, of course this game is very popular because of the thick nuances and atmosphere in their beloved country.

In this game, you have a duty to take passengers to various terminals in cities in Indonesia. The atmosphere of the terminal and also the streets that you pass, are also typical of the scenery in Indonesia.

Now, with this game, the feeling as if being an Indonesian bus driver will become even more realistic. Like other modified applications for games, this application was created to make the games in the Bussid game more exciting and look more real.

So, it’s no wonder that many Indonesian Bus simulator game lovers are constantly looking for modifications to the game. Of course, this aims to obtain maximum satisfaction than just playing the original Bussid game.

Bussid Features

Typical Indonesian Bus Model

All buses available in this game have shapes, models, and stickers like the buses in Indonesia. Of course, you can use all the available buses to your liking to complete the missions provided.

Map Design Ala Indonesia

Apart from the bus you use, the roads and the environment you are traveling on are also very close to Indonesia. Starting from the city, shops, maps, and other things that are certainly typical of the atmosphere and conditions in Indonesia.