Download Bully

Are you looking for an action game that’s fun to play? If so, it’s a good idea to download Bully and install it on a smartphone. This one game carries the theme of fighting and violence.

No wonder this action game can only be played by users aged 18 years and over. This game is suitable for those of you who like adventure and challenges. For more complete information, you need to listen to the article below.

Bully Review

Bully games have been known by game lovers since the PS2 era. So that the popularity of this one Open World game cannot be doubted. Even though the PS2’s glory has dimmed, you can still play this game on a smartphone.

In this game, you are asked to run the story line. The storyline varies greatly from gang fights to the formation of strong gangster gangs. Not only that, players are also ordered to complete the challenges that have been provided.

Your character also has a great chance, to carry out certain missions related to violence. So you don’t need to be surprised, if you come across a number of fight scenes that often appear in this action game.

Bully feature

Download Bully Unlimited Ammo

The first feature you need to know in the modified version of Bully is Unlimited Ammo. This one facility is the most targeted by game lovers to attack opponents. With this one feature, you can use as many weapons as you like

The weapons you can use include marbles, catapults, and eggs. You are free to use these weapons, without having to buy them first. Not only are you free, you can also use these weapons without any usage limits.

This one feature is not only useful when fighting with opponents. With Unlimited Ammo, you can tease other players. So that you can make this game a field of entertainment, by tricking your opponent.

Download Bully Unlimited Health

Not much different from GTA games, Bully games also allow characters to bleed. So that blood can be interpreted as a form of energy, for fighting with opponents.

If the blood runs out, the character can quickly weaken at any time. Therefore, blood intake must be saved so it doesn’t run out quickly. If you use the modified version of Bully, you don’t need to worry about blood intake anymore.

The modified version of Bully provides unlimited blood assets for each player. So you don’t need to be afraid anymore, to fight your character. By activating this feature, your character will be immune to blood and will be stronger to fight.

This cool feature is also able to make the physical appearance of the character look more manly and strong. So that you can use it to find a partner in this challenging action game.