Drag Bike 201m APK

Download Drag Bike 201m Mod APK – Playing games that can stimulate adrenaline is very fun. One of the game genres that is able to realize this fantasy is playing racing battles.

Competing racing or commonly called drag bikes is not only done on the racing track, now many android games offer this genre. One of the drag bike racing games that is now increasingly popular is the Drag Bike 201m Mod APK.

Although you can also feel the excitement of playing this game in the original version, it cannot be denied that the modified version offers more game modes and exciting features.

Review Drag Bike 201m APK

Unlike most racing games developed by foreign developers, the Drag Bike 201m Mod APK game is in fact a game created by the Nation’s children.

This game is full of Indonesian nuances such as roads, weather, trees, to the typical scenery of the country. The Drag Bike 201m Mod APK game itself is a game designed to resemble a racing simulation commonly found in Indonesia.

Unlike the competition genre racing games, this game puts forward speed racing with a straight track or what is commonly called a drag race. As the name implies, this game carries a racing game with a circuit length of 201m.

Not only a unique racing track, this simulation game also presents motorbike options that are quite popular and commonly found in the country. Call it the Ninja R, Jupiter MX, and Satria FU motorcycles.

The racing track, which is designed to reach 201 meters in length, is equipped with a spectator display along the track. No doubt this game attracts enough racing game lovers, especially in the country.

General Features of Drag Bike 201m APK

  • Players are free to choose a racing vehicle according to their taste.
  • Players can also make both light and total modifications to their motorbike.
  • At the start of the game, you will be treated to various motorbike variants provided for racing. Uniquely, these motorbikes are very common on Indonesian roads. No doubt this game is able to present local uniqueness.
  • This game also offers an unlimited money feature that allows players to use virtual money freely. Later this money can be used to buy motorcycle spare parts or even buy a motorbike with a higher speed level.
  • Because the developer of this game comes from Indonesia, the graphic display is also deliberately designed with a distinctive Indonesian appearance. You can easily find this on the streets and the crowd that meets along the race track.
  • Of course, you can’t find some of the features above in the original 201m Drag Bike game, so we highly recommend this game for those of you who want a different sensation and experience.