Episode APK

Online games with the theme of life simulation are familiar to our ears. So that many developers make a modified version. One of the modified online games with this theme, which you cannot underestimate is the Episode Mod APK.

This modified version of the episode will make your days more colorful. You need to know that in this game there are interesting stories about the lives of adults. If you want to know more, it’s good to listen to the article below.

Review Episode APK

The modified version of the Episode online game is perfect for those of you over 18 years of age. This is because this one game tells the lives of adults. So it is inappropriate if played by minors.

Not only that, this one game is also supported by a special spice of romance between the opposite sex. In this modified Episode game, there is an intimate relationship between a couple who is making love.

Relationships of the opposite sex in this online game can occur if players join the community. Thus, there will be communication between players of different types to continue into a love affair.

Episode Mod APK Features

Creating Your Own Character

For the first feature, you can create your own character as you wish. This is the first step you have to do, to play in this online game. You are free to form characters in the online game based on your gender.

If you have chosen a gender, you need to determine your physical appearance. You can choose the hairstyle and skin color, according to what you want for your character. In addition, you can also choose the shape of your dream limb.

This also allows you to get the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, lips, and other facial members that you dream of. So that you will be amazed by the physical appearance of the characters you create.

After the physical shape is polished to your liking, you need to dress the character with your style. You can freely want to decorate your character so that it looks good. This can also be an asset to attract the opposite sex in it.

Your expectations about the picture of the ideal physical appearance will be realized from your character in this online game. No wonder your character will reflect your real self.

Determining the Desired Story

This online game is centered on a story or story for the players to play. So, you are free to take the story in this online game, as you wish.

Therefore, you need to choose a story that you really like and want. This aims to make your life simulation game in this online game feel more fun.

If you like a story that smells of romance, there’s nothing wrong with taking a story with that theme. Playing an exciting game with spices of love in it will add to the excitement.

Not only about your love life, you can also run other stories that are no less exciting. For example, the story about the artist’s life that many fans are chanting. Whatever the story, you have ample opportunity in this modified version of the Episode.