Who here is a 90s kid? 90s kids definitely memorized and loved one of the most popular game consoles that year, the PS1. Anyone would really want to have this console.

Even though now I have joined PS5, PS1 is still really nostalgic. Now it’s a bit difficult to find the PS1 because it’s not produced anymore.

The only easiest way to be able to play PS1 games is with an emulator. This emulator can be on PC or on Android. One of the most popular PS1 emulators is the ePSXe APK.

EPSXe APK review

For those of you who are not familiar with ePSXe, you need to know that it is an emulator application that can make you play PS1 games. From the explanation available on the Play Store, this application already has OpenGI HD which makes the graphics HD.

In addition, this application also includes cheat codes, save states, and many other advantages. If you want to play this game, you can download it on the Play Store. The official version is available on the Play Store. But there are drawbacks to this official version.

First, there will be lots of advertisements that appear. The ad will be very annoying. Apart from that this game, although guaranteed not to crash by the developer, in fact still crashes occasionally. It was annoying for sure.

Features and Benefits of ePSXe APK

EPSXe APK Simple Interface

The first advantage of this application is its friendly interface. When you open this application, choosing to play a game is very easy. You just have to open the application, select run game, and select the game. Done.

Or if you can’t pass the run game, you can use run bios for several games. For the problem of the bios, it is included in the application that you downloaded above. Apart from that the controls are also very easy. The button layout is straightforward.

EPSXe APK performance

The advantage that you need to know about the ePSXe APK is its performance. You can see HD video quality and good sound quality. Even in this APK the sound quality has been upgraded to the HDV system.