Filmorago Pro Apk

Content creators who like to edit videos should already know the FilmoraGo Pro application. This application is indeed quite popular as a video editing application.

Although popular, this application is paid. But if you use the FilmoraGo Pro mod you can get the Pro version of FilmoraGo for free!

Filmorago Pro review

When you want to look professional as a content creator, then one way is to make a good video. There are many ways to make great videos, either by using a video editing application on a PC or laptop, or on a mobile.

For mobile itself there are many video editing applications. One of the best is FilmoraGo. This application is the mobile version of Filmora. Filmora developed by Wondershare Technology Co. You can download this limited version for free on the Play Store.

But don’t be happy just yet. This application can be downloaded for free, but when you use it, there are only a few features that can be used. In addition, there is still a watermark when you use the free version.

This will reduce the level of professionalism of the videos you make. But fortunately there is a mod called FilmoraGo Pro that has succeeded in making the FilmoraGo application watermark-free and you can use all of its features completely.

Filmorago Pro Features

  1. Attractive Templates

The first feature and advantage of this application is the number of templates that you can use for your videos. There are lots of templates available. Each template has a different video layout.

You can choose what you need. Luckily you are using this mod version. Because all templates including premium ones are available and you can use them at will. Your video will be more professional, right?

  1. Music Effects

It’s useless if you make a video but there’s no backsound. Lack of life I think. Is not it? But, if you make videos on FilmoraGo Pro, you can add music to the videos you make.

You can not only enter the music that comes from this application. You can also enter music from outside the application. For example, from file storage, or your own music. Getting cool, right?

  1. Trim

If you need to cut a video you can do it using this feature. You also know that in a video editing application, cutting and stitching images is an important feature? FilmoraGo has.