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One of the popular chat applications is WhatsApp, you definitely use it right? In fact, this application is opened almost every day by its users. There are so many uses of this instant message for everyday activities.

The features on the official WhatsApp are indeed made standard. Therefore, many developers are modifying it to be more feature-rich. One that is recommended is Fouad WhatsApp. This version was developed by Yousef Al Basha to become even more interesting to use.

Review the Fouad Whatsapp Application

Many developers have modified the WhatsApp instant messaging application. This practical application is increasingly being made other versions. The goal is none other than to provide more optimal special features.

One of the important things in using WhatsApp is backing up data. However, this often causes data to be lost. To take advantage of the optimal features of WhatsApp, you need to install a modified version.

Fouad WhatsApp features

Modifications to the WhatsApp application have indeed made the features in it more developed. Especially now that many users need extra privacy settings. The following features on Fouad WhatsApp that are more optimal.

  1. Complete Privacy Settings

Complete privacy features are indeed an advantage. Some people often need it as privacy, here are the privacy settings you can do:

Hide last seen or last seen
Uncheck two deliveries
Status “is typing …” and when recording voice notes can be disabled
Remove online status
Can see other people’s WhatsApp stories without getting caught
Anti revoke, which is a feature to read messages that have been deleted
This complete privacy setting feature is one of the reasons why many WhatsApp modifications were chosen. This is because the original WhatsApp doesn’t provide it.

Only a few privacy setting options are provided by the official version. By using the mod version, you don’t need to worry about privacy anymore.

  1. Share Larger Files

Using regular WhatsApp is only allowed to send a maximum of 16 MB files. The number of files in one transmission is limited to only 10. For some users, this method is often ineffective.

This modified WhatsApp provides a larger file sharing feature. Even up to 700 MB. Besides that, you can also send up to 30 files in one shipment in the chat room. This feature is certainly very useful for those of you who like to share files.

  1. Changing the appearance of Whatsapp

The original WhatsApp provides a standard interface that has been designed by the official developer. Therefore, you cannot customize the layout or elements on the WhatsApp display. This does not apply when using a modified version.

This version allows users to change the existing layout and elements on WhatsApp. Many styles can be selected and adjusted to your liking. For example, bubble chat styles, check tabs, line colors, and so on.

The appearance of WhatsApp which can be changed at any time certainly makes users not easily bored.

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