Free Fire Apk

For those of you who like shooting games similar to PUBG, you must already know Free Fire. This game is indeed very similar to PUBG. Even in the early days of its release, many abused this game and said Free Fire was a PUBG copycat.

Anyway, we are not in the middle of discussing that. But now we will discuss FF Mod. A Free Fire application that has been modified in such a way that it provides many conveniences for its players.

Review FF Mod

This game that is included in the RPG genre, survival and action is one of the most played games in the world. We’re talking about the original version. Because there are so many, the competition in this game is very tight.

Noob kids who just entered will definitely be very tired playing this game because they keep losing. It takes a pretty good ability when you want to play this game. Because of the difficulty level, some people started to make the mod version.

This mod version, or what is also called FF Mod Apk, was developed by 111dots Studio and has many features that help players or rather make it easier for new players. To play this Mod, your cellphone must use Android OS 4.0 and above.

Free Fire Mod feature

  1. Unlimited Health

The first feature that you can get from this FF Mod is the life that will not last. So if you get shot by many people, you are immune. Can’t die. Playing FF so there’s no fear. But is it fun?

  1. Unlimited Diamond

Usually on FF you have to buy certain items to support the game, right? One of the buying and selling tools is diamond. In the original FF, you have to buy diamonds or get them from bonuses.

But in Free Fire Mod you can get it for free and unlimited. So you can buy whatever you want.

  1. Unlimited Money

Just like unlimited diamonds. You will also get an unlimited amount of money. You can use all that money to buy war equipment. Whether it’s a weapon, kit, skin, or whatever and whatever the price.