GBWhatsApp Apk

The use of WhatsApp as a communication platform reduces the costs required. GBWhatsApp is a MOD version of the WhatsApp application that will provide many advantages.

GBWhatsApp review

In the past, people communicated only by verbally directly. However, this form of communication could not connect people who were far away from him. Subsequently, telephone and SMS began to develop to solve this problem.

Unfortunately, the use of telephony and texting is very resource-consuming and wasteful. An updated communication platform is something that everyone should have in this era. This platform can connect many people at once with low cost, one of which is Fouad Whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most used communication platforms today. In fact, WA controls communication in every country, except China. This is due to its easy use and low cost.

However, the original version of WhatsApp is quite boring because it looks quite boring and doesn’t vary. So, the MOD version of WA like GBWhatsApp is the choice.

GBWhatsApp presents the advantage of a maximum sending of photos that is far more than the normal version of WA. In addition, the WA MOD display can be changed as desired.

You can not only change the appearance of the background, but the WA border part can be changed at will. You just have to select it in the available templates.

The important part is that users can still communicate with the Normal version of WA users so there is no reason to use the MOD version of WA.

WhatsApp MOD Application Features

The original WhatsApp application has a myriad of features that make it the most prominent communication platform in the world. Even so, the MOD version of WA provides more advantages.

Following are some of the features provided by GBWhatsApp

  1. Free themes

WA has a display color that is dominated by green. The appearance generally cannot be changed as a whole. You can only change the background. Sometimes this is not satisfactory.

However, there is no need to worry because this WA MOD application presents lots of free themes that can be used at will. You only need to download it by entering Plus Settings> Download Themes and immediately selecting the preferred theme.

  1. More than 1 account

A WA account is actually enough. However, if you want to use that account for business, it’s a different story. Multiple accounts will make it much easier to communicate and archive.

Normally you can only install 1 WhatsApp account on an Android phone. However, WhatsApp MOD allows you to install two WA accounts. As a consequence, the account’s storage capacity is drained rapidly.

  1. Larger File Capacity

The normal version of WA can be used to send files in the form of images, audio, and video. However, the file capacity that can be sent is not too large, so the file must be broken and then sent.

You can send files with a much larger capacity if you use the MOD version of WA. That way, sending files is much more efficient and faster.