If you are a true game lover, especially when the Playstation 2 is still as successful as it used to be, of course you are familiar with a game called GTA SA Lite or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Even this one game, has been dubbed the game of a million people.

To commemorate the good times, Rockstar has now made the Android version of GTA SA as well. Not only that, but now there is also GTA SA Lite which is specially made for those of you who are still using Android smartphones with low end levels.

GTA SA Lite review

You need to know, to play the mobile version of the GTA SA game, you need to use a smartphone with high specs and provide lots of free space. Now, the presence of this game is a way out for those of you who don’t have these two conditions.

To make the GTA SA mobile game lighter, several data files have been deleted. However, deleting the file is also guaranteed that it will not affect the fun and excitement of playing the game.

Some of the data files that were deleted in the game, such as cutscenes, radio, missions, and several versions of which were more adapted to the GPU or graphics chip differently. So, you can choose the version suitable for the Android smartphone you are using.

GTA SA Lite features

Smaller Size

Just like various other Lite version applications, the Lite version of GTA SA also comes in a smaller size than the original version. This aims to save more space needed to install this one game.

With a smaller size, of course the Lite version of the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game is also lighter. So for those of you who use lower middle class Android smartphones, you can still play this game.

Remastered Graphic

Even though it has a smaller and lighter size, the graphics in the Lite version of GTA SA have been remastered. This will make the graphics of the game more improved, be it in terms of lighting, color palette, to the characters you play.