For those of you who have been in the game world for a long time, of course you are no stranger to a game called Grand Theft Auto or more commonly known as GTA V Mod.

With so many series that have been released, it certainly shows that the game is in demand in the market. Well, surely you already know the latest Grand Theft Auto series, GTA V? Now you can play using your Android smartphone.

In fact, now there is also GTA V Mod, which is ready to make Grand Theft Auto playing via a smartphone feel more fun and exciting.

GTA V Review

You need to know that Grand Theft Auto V is an Android game that has many players from all over the world. This is evidenced by the large number of people who have installed this game.

This game requires the players to go on an adventure and complete various kinds of missions that will be given. GTA V is also an Open Map genre, which means that players can freely explore all the places in the game.

For this modified version of Grand Theft Auto V or Mod, is a game application made by Rockstar North. By playing this game, it will make the players feel what it is like to be adventurous like in the real world.

Of course you will feel a more exciting sensation when carrying out all the missions and following the storyline that has been presented. The missions that are presented are quite diverse, such as beating people, winning matches, and many others.

GTA V features

Compression Size

As is well known, the size of the original GTA V game is quite large, just like the latest games for Android smartphones. Of course this will make the game take up a lot of space in memory.

However, the size of this modified version of GTA V has been compressed to become smaller. For the APK file alone, the game is only 17 MB. Well, with this, the mod version of Grand Theft Auto V won’t take up much space in memory.

Smoother Graphics

The thing that is more emphasized in this mod version of Grand Theft Auto V is in the graphics section. You could say that the graphics that are carried in this one game are made much smoother, when compared to the original version of GTA V.