Kinemaster Apk

Editing video is one of the primary needs for content creators. But unfortunately, editing a proper video cannot be done on cellphones. Yes, but that was before. Now there are many applications that can edit videos on cellphones.

One application that is popularly used by many people is the KineMaster Pro mod apk. This application is able to edit videos with almost the same quality as the results of editing other major programs such as Premiere or Final Cut Pro X.

KineMaster Pro review

One of the most popular video editing applications today is KineMaster. Almost everyone positions KineMaster as the answer to video editing in the class of Final Cut Pro X or Premiere.

This application does have many features that are very supportive. So if you have extra creativity in editing videos but don’t have a laptop or Premiere applications and similar editing, it’s better to use this application.

KineMaster is actually a freemium application. So you can use the free version but with limitations. For example, there are watermarks and advertisements that must be watched. If you want the pro version, you have to pay some money.

Features of KineMaster

  1. Without Rooting

There are many Mod applications that if you want to install, your cellphone must be rooted first. This is certainly worrying from a security perspective. What’s more, if the cellphone is rooted, the guarantee is automatically lost.

By using this one APK, you don’t need to root your cellphone. Just download, then install the application and you can use it at will.

  1. Has a Green Screen Feature

As information, this feature is only available in the paid pro version. But by using this one Mod you can use the Green Screen feature as much and for free.

This feature will really help you who want to make video coverage of certain events but with a form like hosting a news event. So behind the video show host is also running. Cool, right?

As this feature is also found in the kinemaster diamond apk previously discussed

  1. Can Edit Full HD

The maximum resolution that can be edited by the original and freemium versions of KineMaster is 720p. You can’t edit full HD. But by using KineMaster Pro, you can do editing in Full HD video.

With such good video quality, you don’t need to be afraid and embarrassed to upload it on Youtube or other platforms.