Lightroom Apk

Doing photo editing is indeed a qualified application. Usually, these applications require you to install it on a PC. As the mobile editing application develops, you have many choices.

One of them is Lightroom as a photo editing application that offers many unique features. Interestingly, this application provides features like those of Adobe Photoshop on PC. You can install the Lightroom mod to explore the maximum editing features.

Review of the Lightroom Mod Application

Lightroom is arguably still its “brother” to the Adobe Photoshop application. This application has features similar to Adobe, except that the features are more adapted for Android systems. Lightroom is very compatible and practical to use.

No wonder, this application is highly recommended for those of you who like photography. Especially now that there are many smartphones that support mobile photography. This hobby will be more complete with an application with powerful features and simple to use.

Even if your smartphone’s camera specs aren’t satisfying, this app can make it amazing. This is because the photo processing process can be maximized by its users. The results of the photos become more vibrant and quality.

This application developed by the Photoshop developer is very compatible, you don’t have to bother installing it on a PC. The features in it are made as close as possible to Photoshop, and the results will be more artistic in editing.

Unique and interesting photo results can be found in one smartphone grip. Lightroom is divided into two types, namely original and modified. Both have fundamental differences. You can adjust it as needed.

However, for those who want to do photo editing optimally and freely, you should install the Lightroom mod. In it you will find lots of interesting features to explore.

Lightroom Mod features

This modified version has several main advantages, namely the addition of abundant effects and free use. In addition, there are still many modified version features that you can use freely. Here are some of these additional features.

  1. No Ads

In the original version, you will find passing advertisements when doing the photo editing process. This may be quite annoying when running the application.

These advertisements can be removed if you access this application with a premium account. Using a premium account requires you to pay an application purchase fee.

No need to worry, there is a modified version of Lightroom that can be a solution. The mod version allows you to do photo editing without the interruption of advertisements playing.

The absence of advertisements during the editing process makes it easier for you to use the feature. Also, exporting your photo edits is easier without ads.

  1. Free to Use Premium Presets

To use the premium preset feature, you must make a purchase first. This must be done if you use the official Lightroom from the PlayStore.

However, the modded version of this app lets its users enjoy unlimited and free premium presets. Thus, the photo editing process is more fun and flexible.

The results will be maximized because you can combine various features that are freely accessible. In addition, the presets used can be customized as desired.

For example, adjusting saturation and contrast so that the photo looks more artistic. This customization is very useful for producing maximum photos.