Livery Bussid

Download the Latest Indonesian Bussid Livery – If you are a fan of bus simulator-themed games, of course you are familiar with a game called Bus Simulator Indonesia.

In this game, you can simulate being a bus driver and drive on the streets like on the roads in Indonesia using Livery Bussid.

Because of the popularity of this game, there are even lots of themes or often called Livery Bussid that you can use to beautify the bus you use. So, you won’t get bored with the same bus appearance because Livery has lots of choices.

Bussid Livery Mod Review

Livery Bussid is a theme that binds the appearance of the bus, which is made by Modder or developers from Indonesia. By using this Livery, the appearance of the buses in the game can be very similar to the buses on the streets in Indonesia.

Because it is closely related to copyright, of course the developer of the Bussid game will not provide the appearance or brand of buses in the game with the names of buses in Indonesia. However, with this one mod, this can already happen.

Well, this also makes every player have to manually install or enter the Livery mod. You can install various kinds of Livery with shapes like buses in Indonesia according to your own wishes.

Take it easy, you can find lots of skins or livery for the Bussid game on the internet for free. But you need to know that not all developers or modders are able to make a Livery for Bussid with good quality.

Livery Bussid feature

A very complete collection of livery themes

You need to know that the theme in the Livery mod for Bussid is very complete. In fact, you can find more than 375 livery themes that you can use to carry out various missions in the Bussid game, including the following.

  • More than 50 Livery for HD PO Bus types with famous bus displays such as Bandung Express HD, Argo Mas HD, LAS HD, Dewi Sri HD, and many others.
  • More than 90 SHD bus types such as Kurnia Biru SHD, JAYA SHD, SATRIA MUDA HD, Sari Mustika SHD, and others.
  • There are more than 75 Livery types of XHD Bus such as Bejeu XHD 3, BORLINDO XHD, Haryanto Gatot Kaca Golden XHD, and so on.
  • More than 65 SDD bus types such as Efficiency SDD, Pandawa 87 SDD, Putra Pelangi SDD, and others.
  • Livery for Bussid Truck, Bussid Elf, Bussid Pickup, Bussid Angkot, and Bussid Honda Jazz.

HD Image Quality

If the Livery Original in the Bussid game, of course you already know that the appearance of the buses and vehicles is still average or unclear. However, all Livery in this mod have been made in high quality or HD.

So you won’t feel bored with the Bussid game play which is usually done for a long time. The theme that is considered HD and sharp images on the bus display, of course, will make the bus cooler and you will not be bored playing this one game.