Lulubox Apk

For those of you who have often played online games via Android smartphones such as Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and also PUBG, of course you are familiar with an application called Lulubox. It can be said that this application is widely used by players of the game.

However, not all players actually use the application. Only certain players use this application to make the game feel more exciting and exciting, be it Mobile Legends, Free Fire, to PUBG Mobile.

Lulubox review

When you play online games, of course you know that there are premium features in the game that require players to make purchases with money. And of course these premium features are expensive.

Well, this Lulubox is here as an alternative way for those of you who want to use all the premium features in the game for free. Some of the premium features that can be used with this application such as character skins, weapon skins, skin bundles, and many others.

So you don’t need to spend a dime to use premium skins. You can even use skins that cost millions of rupiah. Not only in appearance, you will also see all the effects that this premium skin produces.

Besides that, the use of this application is also very easy. You only need to install this application and enter the ID address of the game being played, then you will get a premium skin for free in the game account you are going to play.

But the way this application works is not you who get coins or diamonds that can be used to buy skins. But when you open the game, all the premium features in the game can be unlocked.

However, the premium skins that you use and their effects will only appear on the smartphone screen used. Whereas for accounts on other cellphones that haven’t installed this application, the form of characters you use is still as usual without premium attributes.

If for you this is not a problem and is only used for fun, then you have nothing to lose to try this application.

By staring at the cellphone screen when your character wears premium attributes, of course, will make the game feel even more exciting and interesting.

Lulubox features

Not only does it allow you to use all premium attributes for free, but this Lulubox application also brings several features which will certainly be very beneficial for its users. Here are some of the features that this one application brings.

  1. Free Premium Skins

As previously explained, if this application will allow you to use premium skins in games such as Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile for free. So you don’t need to buy skins at quite expensive prices.

The use of this free premium skin is also not limited by time. You can use the premium skin anytime according to your wishes. Even skins that are classified as rare, can be used for free.

  1. Free Characters

Besides skin, you also don’t have to buy the character you want but don’t have it yet. Only by using this application, you can freely choose the characters in the game and use them.

  1. Free Weapons and Equipment

Especially for shooting games like Free Fire and PUBG, you can also use all the weapons in the game. Usually, to use weapons that you don’t have you have to buy first, but this application will make it free.