Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t know Mobile Legends? You all know this game. This game is very popular and even has its own tournament. There are already more than 20 million ML users on the Play Store.

Due to its popularity, modified or mod versions of the game began to appear. This Mobile Legends Mod can help those who are noobs and want to win the easy way. There are many advantages of the mod version of ML. Anything? Let’s discuss!

Review of Mobile Legends

If you talk about the original version of Mobile Legends, maybe all of you already know. But what about the mod version? Maybe some of you don’t even know that there is a mod version of this popular game.

So this modified version of Mobile Legends is an ML game that has been arranged in such a way with many advantages. For example, in this mod version of the game there are no advertisements. In addition there are many skins that are ready to use.

As information, ML children must know that you have to buy skin or get it accidentally. Continue for those of you who like diamonds, in this Mobile Legends mod, the diamonds are available in an unlimited number.

For its own size, this ML mod has a size that is not much different from the original version, which is around 100 MB. One more interesting thing is that you don’t need to root to install the game. So just download and install.

Mobile Legends features

Classic Map of Mobile Legends Mod

The first feature of the modified version of ML is the map in classic form. If you pay attention, the map is like DOTA 2. In this map there are 3 lanes, 18 defense towers or so-called towers, then there are 2 bosses, and 4 forest areas.

With a map like this, the Mobile Legend game becomes even more exciting. You have to be smart in strategy to be able to destroy all enemy towers and win the match.


In this application you will also fight 5 against 5. Not with computers, of course, but with other players in Mobile Legends. If the explanation on the Play Store, it is called Human vs Human. This means that it is not against the computer.

This makes the battle even more interesting, right? Skill is really needed in this game.