MX Player Pro Apk

Movie aficionados of course have a liking for certain video player apps, for an enjoyable viewing sensation. For movie-watching fun, it’s a good idea to choose the MX Player Pro application.

This video player application is equipped with various features to satisfy its users. So that watching activities are not only limited to enjoying videos or movies.

The following is a complete description of the Pro version of the MX Player application and its advantages and a download link.

MX Player Pro review

Enjoying watching videos and movies can now be done in a fun way, using this Pro version of the application. This one video player application allows you to have an exciting viewing experience.

The Pro version of the MX Player application gives you the opportunity to stream your favorite movies from around the world. So you won’t be hassles, providing a large capacity memory for storing downloaded movies.

Even though this video player application is online based, you will not find advertisements going back and forth. This Pro version of the application allows watching your favorite videos and movies without being interrupted by advertisements.

By using this one video streaming application, you also have the opportunity to adjust the subtitles according to your taste. So that watching activities feel more exciting, because the subtitles can be adjusted as desired.

This video player application is also equipped with a connector to the LED TV. This is because the Pro version of MX Player features support for all video formats.

So that watching movies on a big screen with the help of a smartphone can be realized, easily and practically.

MX Player Pro features

This Pro version of the video player is supported by several additional features, which you cannot find in the original version. If you are curious about the features in question, it’s good to listen to the explanation below.

  1. Multi Core Decoding

You can only find this one feature in the Pro version of MX Player. You need to know that this video player application has 3 types of decoders, namely SW, HW, and HW +.

You can choose a decoder according to the quality of the video you want to watch. You can adjust the selected video quality based on the capabilities of your device.

If your device capability is low, then you should choose SW. Meanwhile, if your device is supported by high capabilities, there is nothing wrong with using HW.

  1. Pinch to Zoom

Then you can adjust the screen magnification, using the Pinch to Zoom feature. This one feature allows you to zoom in or out on the screen easily. The method is not difficult, namely by pinching and swiping the screen.