Nekopoi.c4re Apk Apk Anime is one of the most famous forms of animation in the world, Anime in Japanese (ア ニ メ) and English (Animation), this animation is made from the Country of Sakura, namely Japan, by using Hands or 3D Computer Technology (Dimension) .

Anime also consists of various genres, such as Drama, Action, Slice Of Life, Horror, Romance, Fantasy, and others, some famous anime with the highest rating, namely Naruto, One Piece, Seven Deadly Sins, Kuroko No Basuke, Attack On Titans, and many more.

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To be able to stream or download various kinds of anime, you can search for a website that provides streaming or download anime services, with Indonesian subtitles, such as Anoboy, Samehadaku, Indonesian anime, and others, or by downloading the Straming Anime application, one of which is Nekopoi. Care.

Nekopoi Care is an Anime-only Streaming Service Application developed by VPN Private.Inc, for the Android Smartphone Platform or iOs, and can only be used via the Online System, but you no longer need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access it.

In addition, by using this Anime Straming Application, there will always be the latest Anime Episode Update every week, so you don’t have to wait long to Stream or Download from your favorite Favorite Anime, and this application can also speed up Straming or Download Anime.

Attractive Features of Nekopoi Care Apk

The Nekopoi Care application comes with various additional features to complement the Anime Website, starting from the features contained in it, making this application more interesting, see some of the reviews below.

  1. List of Home Menu Features

This Nekopoi Care application has a variety of Start Menu Feature Lists, which can help find the Anime you want to stream or download easily, such as Searching, Anime List, Anime Update (Every Week), and Settings (Settings). ).

  1. Update Anime Episodes Every Week

For those of you who really like watching Anime, you are very right to use this Anime Streaming Application, because there will always be Anime Updates every week, so you don’t have to wait long for Anime Updates, which you want to Stream or Download

  1. Speed ​​up Streaming & Downloads

Besides having features that can help you find Anime, using the Anime Straming Application can also speed up Anime Streaming & Download Services, so that when you want streaming there will be no Buffering, and Connection Errors when downloading Anime.