PicSay Pro Apk

Photo editing is a common thing for people to do to show their best shots. To make edits as desired, it’s a good idea to use the Picsay Pro application.

This photo editing application has been trusted by millions of users in improving their shots. No wonder the photo edits from this one application have no doubt about the quality.

By using the modified version of the Picsay application, your photos are guaranteed to be cooler. In order not to be curious anymore, it’s good to listen to the reviews below.

Picsay Pro review

This photo editing application is a public favorite because it is free of charge. So that you are free to use all the features and tools in it to produce the best photos.

You don’t need to buy certain items, like the original Picsay which is usually downloaded on the Google Play Store. Even though it’s not an original, the features in this version of Picsay are not inferior to the original.

Simply put, this version gives you the opportunity to taste the premium features of Picsay ori without a penny. You can also more freely hone your creativity in editing photos.

With this version of Picsay, you are also free to use cool tools that are already unlocked. You also have the opportunity to explore advanced features that are not in the original Picsay version.

Another advantage of this version of Picsay is that it is small in the range of 1.4 MB. So that this one application will not fill your smartphone memory. In addition, this will also prevent the smartphone from lagging or being slow.

Picsay Pro features

This type of picsay allows you to use premium features from the original version. Are you curious about the advanced features in question? Below are points that discuss this.

  1. Add Text

The rise of social media has made photo displays not only presenting images. Not a few people add text to photos to upload on their social media.

To make this type of photo, you can use the Add Text feature in the Pro version of Picsay.

  1. Smooth

Not infrequently the results of the photos have quite a lot of noise or dirty levels. So that you are confused about how to get rid of the defect. With the Smooth feature, you can clean it easily.

  1. Insert Picsay pro Picture

Photos that stand alone sometimes create a lonely impression for a certain concept. Therefore, you need to add another image or photo to make it seem busier.

You need to use the Insert Picture feature, to insert the desired image.