Pixlr Apk

When you are experiencing various kinds of Happy or Amazing Moments, of course you will capture the Moments above, by making them into the form of Images or Photos.

Of course you also really want to edit the Moments that are immortalized in the form of Images or Photos, so that they look more special when they will be shown to people close to you.

To edit the moments that are captured in the form of images or photos above, of course you need a Photo Editing Application with very complete features, such as Filters, Effects, Tools, Backgrounds, Music, and much more.

One of the Photo Editing Applications with a variety of very complete features is the Pixlr application developed by 123RF Limited, and released on the Android or iOs Platform, without having to use the rooting system.

Therefore, for those of you who want to get the Modified version of the Photo Editing Application (MOD), you can download the Modified version of the Pixlr Application that we have provided on the article page below for free.

Interesting Features of the Pixlr Mod Apk Application

The Modified version of the Pixlr application comes with various additional features to complement the official released version of the Application.

Starting from the Appearance of the Application to the Features contained in it, these features make this Photo Editing Application more attractive, see some of the reviews below.

  1. Photo Selection

As said before, this Pixlr application functions to edit an image or photo that you can take via Galley or Directly (Real Time), with a variety of cool effects and filters.

  1. Change Text Size & Style

When you are going to edit an image or photo, you can enter a text that you want, and you can choose the size and style of the text to your liking.

  1. Editing Tools

Besides being able to create a text with various text sizes and styles, in this Pixlr application there are also various kinds of editing tools, filters, and various kinds of premium effects that can be used for free.