Download PPSSPP Gold – In the rapid development of the times, almost everything can be done on a smartphone. You can send messages, work, write, and play games.

For games, almost all games can be played, from mobile-based to PSP. You can play PSP or Playstation Portable using the PSP Emulator.

There are many emulators scattered on the Play Store. One of them is the paid PPSSPP Gold. But there are ways to get this Gold version of the emulator for free.

PPSSPP Gold review

Before we discuss how to get the free Gold version of PPSSPP, let’s get acquainted with this application. PPSSPP is an emulator for playing PSP games on smartphones with Android OS.

This application has been around since 2017 and is still used by many people. Even though it is paid, users of this application in the Play Store have touched 100 thousand people.

The price of the legal application is Rp. 19,000 and you can get it on the Play Store. Meanwhile, if you want to get the gold version but it’s free, there are mods that you can download.

Features of PPSSPP Mod Gold

Easy to Operate

The easy interface is one of the excellent features of this PPSSPP Mod APK Gold. You can choose games from homebrew, damos, computers, or recently released games.

Play according to the original game quality

Play using PPSSPP Gold according to the quality of the original game
For image quality, you don’t need to worry. PPSSPP Mod Gold provides image quality similar to the original PSP. In addition to HD images, the sound is also HD.

But to be able to get the maximum gaming experience, you have to make some changes in the settings section. Otherwise, this application can lag and interfere with the game. For how to deal with lag you can read below.