Tahu Bulat APK

Round tofu is not only delicious and delicious to eat. This one food is also an inspiration for an exciting game. To play it, you can install Tahu Bulat Mod APK on your smartphone.

This modified version of the game has been downloaded by many game lovers because it is easy to play. The ease of this one game is supported by a number of cool features in it. If you want to know more, it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to the article below.

Review Tahu Bulat APK

This original Indonesian game was lifted from the phenomenon of fame in the round tofu trade which had gone viral everywhere. So that this game also focuses on the mission to sell as much round tofu as possible.

In this one game, you are also asked to open branches in various regions. So you need to adjust the profit from each sale to buy multiple items. You can also upgrade equipment and selling equipment.

Another mission is that you have the opportunity to make new recipes, to improve the quality of the round tofu that is sold. You can also attract customers, by upgrading the car used for selling.

Features of Tahu Bulat APK

Unlimited Money

The main objective of this one game, of course, is to sell as much round tofu as possible. With a lot of sales, players will get money. So that players are asked to collect as much money as possible for selling purposes.

If you play the modified version of Tahu Bulat, then you don’t need to bother raising money. This is because this modified version of the game has provided abundant money. So you can spend as much as you want.

The money in the game also serves to increase the level. So that with unlimited money, you can level up as you like. Level increase can be obtained easily and quickly, using the Unlimited Money feature.

Recipe Improvements

One of the most important factors for running a tofu trading business is a recipe. In this game of modification, the recipe also plays an important role. By raising the recipe level, it will increase the selling power of round tofu.

Leveling up the recipe in the original version of Tahu Bulat is indeed difficult. But you don’t need to worry, if you play the modified version of Tahu Bulat. This modified game has a feature that makes it easy for you, to increase the level of the round tofu recipe.